Pull the Pin APK

Pull the Pin APK
Pull the Pin (com.maroieqrwlk.unpin)
A relaxing game that will challenge your brain
Popcore Games Puzzle 100000000 164.4.1

Looking for brain-teasing mini-games to challenge your mind? Look no further than Pull the Pin! Whether you're seeking a funny bathroom game or simply enjoy puzzle games, this title offers a wealth of intriguing challenges to test your skills. Each level tasks you with pulling a pin and getting the balls into a bucket without letting them fall victim to explosive bombs. While some levels are easy, others are more complex and will put your cognitive abilities to the test. With its infinite number of levels, Pull the Pin offers endless entertainment for puzzle fans. Unlock various skins and customize your game with unique balls, backgrounds, pins, and ball trails. Even while idle, you'll earn coins that you can use to upgrade your in-game buildings, providing you with even more coins. All in all, Pull the Pin is a superb time-waster that's perfect for a quick game during toilet time!

About Pull the Pin APK

Name: Pull the Pin Developer: Popcore Games Version: 164.4.1
Update: May 5, 2023 Installs: 100000000 Size: 212 MB

Pull the Pin FAQ

Q: What is Pull The Pin?

A: Pull The Pin is a puzzle game where players must pull the correct pin to save balls while avoiding bombs.

Q: How does the gameplay work?

A: Players must select the correct pin to pull in order to guide the balls to safety. The game becomes more challenging as players progress and face new obstacles.

Q: Are there different levels?

A: Yes, there are infinite levels in Pull The Pin. The puzzles become more complicated as you progress through the game, but remain relaxing and enjoyable.

Q: Are there any rewards for completing challenges?

A: Yes, players can earn rewards during challenges that can be used to customize the game with new skins, backgrounds, pin styles, and ball trails.

Q: Can coins be earned in the game?

A: Yes, players can earn coins in the idle feature of the game by building and upgrading houses to skyscrapers. The more levels you reach, the more coins you earn.

Q: Is Pull The Pin a good time waster?

A: Yes, Pull The Pin is a great way to pass the time while relaxing and challenging your brain. It's perfect for toilet games!

Pull the Pin APK

Pull the Pin Tips and Tricks

Are you ready for some brain-teasing fun? Pull The Pin is a mini-game that is making waves online. Here are some tips and tricks to help you on your journey:

- Start slow.

Don't rush into complex puzzles right away. Warm up your brain with simple challenges that involve pulling one or two pins.

- Look for clues.

Some puzzles may have hints or clues hidden in plain sight. Take your time to analyze the scene and figure out the best way to save all the balls.

- Plan ahead.

Some levels require a bit of strategy to successfully complete. Think ahead and visualize each step before pulling any pins.

- Use your surroundings.

In some levels, there may be objects other than pins that can help you solve the puzzle. Explore the environment and see what you can use to your advantage.

- Beware of bombs.

Some puzzles may have bombs that can end the game if you pull the wrong pin. Look out for any signs that indicate the presence of a bomb.

- Collect rewards.

Completing levels and challenges can earn you rewards that you can use to customize your game. Collect coins and exchange them for skins, backgrounds, and pin styles.

- Idle feature.

Take advantage of the idle feature to earn coins even when you're away from the game. Build houses and upgrade them to earn more coins with each level.

- Enjoy the game! Remember that Pull The Pin is a game meant to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Take your time, have fun, and challenge your brain!

Downloads Pull the Pin APK

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Source Update Version Type Size LINK
Mirror One May 5, 2023 164.4.1 212 MB APK XAPK Download
Mirror Two May 5, 2023 164.4.1 212 MB APK XAPK Download
Official May 5, 2023 164.4.1 212 MB APK XAPK Download

Install Pull the Pin APK on PC

To install the "Pull the Pin" APK on your computer, you will need an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.

Follow these steps to install the game:

    • Download and install an Android emulator on your computer.
    • Download the "Pull the Pin" APK file from a reputable source.
    • Open the Android emulator and navigate to the "Install APK" option.
    • Select the "Pull the Pin" APK file and click "Install".
    • Wait for the installation process to complete.
    • Once the installation is complete, you can launch the game from the emulator and start playing!

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