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Fizzo Novel APK
Fizzo Novel (e.books.reading.apps)
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Poligon Books & Reference 10000000 3.8.0

Fizzo is a mobile reading application with an extensive catalog of immersive novels and stories. You'll find topics of all kinds, from romance to werewolves, vampires, adventures, and many more. With Fizzo, readers can enjoy a better novel and story reading experience thanks to these incredible features:

⚡️ Wide range of high-quality novels and e-books to read anywhere and anytime. ⚡️ Ability to download your favorite stories for offline access to all the stories, novels, and books you love. ⚡️ Creation of a personal novel library to store your favorite books and novels in one place and keep up to date with all novel updates. ⚡️ Personalized reading page. ⚡️ Audio functions for users who prefer to listen to books and novels rather than read them.

Fizzo is also a reading application for writers:

⚡️ Become a writer to write your own stories and novels and receive payment for them. ⚡️ Join the Writers Club to connect with other authors. ⚡️ Share your feelings and ideas by interacting with readers in the comments section. ⚡️ Let us know of any issues that arise so we can improve together.

🌞 Now, start reading your favorite novel, story, or book on Fizzo and immerse yourself in your reading adventure with other people who also enjoy reading, writing, and sharing novels!

🎉 Here are some of the most successful stories and novels belonging to different literary genres that other readers are reading now on Fizzo. Let's read all the stories together!

🐺 Pregnant with the Alpha's Baby, Katelyn Stone had finally achieved her dream of joining the Elite pack. She was excited to get to work with her hero, the renowned alpha Braxton Steal. Despite the growing attraction between them, the handsome and enigmatic Braxton has no time for relationships. They shared a night of passion, but agreed to pretend that nothing had happened. The only problem is that Katelyn cannot forget him.

👼 Mommy, Honey How can one have a child without a partner and even without being pregnant? She was completely stunned. The sudden appearance of these children made her wonder about their origin.

🐺 The Alpha's Mistress Series According to rumors, Levi Stone is a cruel, cold and ruthless alpha. He kills for pleasure, and no one who has dared to defy him has lived to tell the tale. But what will Stone do when a young and attractive woman falls into his arms pushed by her wicked older brother?

🤴 Jack Stein Series That morning, Stein woke up with blood in his urine and the taste of something even more insidious in the depths of his brain. Strangely innocuous, expressionless. That was how he felt, as if nothing really mattered.

Since it is a reading application, you will find love stories, mystery, action, adventure, fantasy, billionaires, and many more literary genres and themes on Fizzo. Not only will you enjoy interesting genres of novels and stories, but you will also access an infinity of incredible novels and books to read. Here, on Fizzo, you can read the novels, stories, or books you like, download them, add them to your library, and even listen to the audio version of your favorite novels and books. Fizzo allows you to customize your novel library and the functions of the novel reading page of the application so that you can enjoy the best novel reading experience on this reading application. Additionally, you can post comments on the novels you like and share your feelings with other users.

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About Fizzo Novel APK

Name: Fizzo Novel Developer: Poligon Version: 3.8.0
Update: Apr 25, 2023 Installs: 10000000 Size: 35 MB
Fizzo APK Fizzo Novel APK

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